Theology Nights

The word “theology” simply means “the study of God.” What differentiates Theology Night from other studies offered at church? Many of the studies offered at church are studies from a book about God. Theology Night is the study of God from the Book. The focus is on God not upon the book about God. There is value in most book studies about God, but there is greater value to study the God of the Book.

Theology Night is a means to become grounded in the knowledge of God as revealed in His Word. The objective is not to increase head knowledge; the objective is to expand hearts by deeply knowing God personally and intimately.

Theology Night is an opportunity to encourage one another to pursue God passionately, to share how the study of God has made a difference in your life, and to hold each other accountable in our time with God.

Theology Nights will resume soon.

If you have questions, please contact Ben Clark.