Sunday School/Small Groups Meeting in Person

    06.09.20 | Ministry

    Sunday School/Small Group classes are beginning to meet in person. Some are meeting offsite and others have chosen to meet again in the building. If your class is not meeting, feel free to join one of the classes that are meeting until your class resumes. Here's the list of classes we know are meeting in person:

    • Ben Clark - this Sunday his class will meet at the Cantrell's house
    • David Shirey - is meeting on Sunday afternoons at his house. Childcare is provided, with crafts and learning simultaneous with the large adult group.
    • Russ Manger is meeting in his room on the main campus (after worship)
    • Scott Gables is meeting in the youth basement (after worship)
    • Gary Dunsford will begin meeting this Sunday in his class room
    • Students are meeting under the pavilion at church (after worship)

    You can call the church office for more information.

    We want to be sensitive to your risk tolerance. If you are concerned with the number of people in a SS room, please contact David Shirey. We will work on finding solutions for you.

    We are also working on plans to address the needs of preschoolers and children for both worship and Sunday School. Pastor Eric and Linda will communicate those plans to families once they are finalized.