Next Steps in Regathering

    07.15.20 | Ministry

    The church staff and leadership continues to look to forward to gathering again for Sunday School and discipleship. We have been setting priorities for opening up the church more in August and September. Each of these priorities begin with “we hope.” We are moving forward with planning in these three areas, but we realize that we may need to pull back or to adjust our plans as circumstances change.

    FIRST, we hope to provide preschool/children Sunday School classes and Extending Teaching Care (for preschoolers during worship) beginning August 2.

    SECOND, we hope to start back on Wednesday evenings beginning September 9. Wednesday evening dinners, preschool/children music & missions, 412 student ministry, and Spiritual Growth Institute classes will resume.

    THIRD, we hope to resume Sunday evening discipleship classes for students and adults and worship on September 13.

    We will continue to stress the importance of safety and welfare of others. It is impossible for us to function risk free, but we do feel the weight of providing a safe environment for ministry to occur. Thanks for your willingness to be flexible and cooperative.