Health and Safety Procedures for Kids Ministry

    07.27.20 | Kids

    We are so excited to resume our Preschool and Children’s classes on Sunday mornings for ETC and Sunday School. We have missed seeing our families with preschoolers and children each week over the last four and a half months.

    Our desire is to always maintain a safe and secure learning environment for our preschoolers, children, and volunteers. We recognize that there may be a need to adjust these procedures as time goes on. Thank you in advance for your understanding and complying with these new procedures.

     Sickness guidelines: In addition to general COVID-19 sickness guidelines, we are asking for children, parents and teachers to stay at home until they have been at least 72 hours free of fever, cough, shortness of breath, pink eye, vomiting, diarrhea, colored mucus discharge/congestion, or open skin lesions. (All)

    If someone in your family has been tested for COVID-19 and is waiting on result, please do not attend church activities until a negative test has been received. (All)

    If any member of a household tests positive for COVID-19, all family members should quarantine at home for 14 days before returning to church activities. We ask that any positive cases be reported to the church office in order for them to notify others of possible exposure. (All)

     If a child (preschool or children) becomes sick while at church, he or she will be moved to a designated sick room until a parent can be notified to pick-up him or her. Parents must remain on campus while children are participating in preschool and children’s programming. (All)

    Temperature checksAll parents and children entering the preschool and children halls will quickly have their temperature checked with an infrared,touchless thermometer by one of our preschool or children division coordinators. (All) 

    Drop off and Pick upWe ask that only one parent enter the preschool hall during these times and that it is the same parent for both drop off and pickup. Siblings and teacher’s children should wait in the lobby area and not enter the preschool hall. (Preschool)

    During this time we encourage parents to drop off and pick-up their elementary aged children from all activities to help control good health guidelines in regard to social distancing and cross contamination. (Children)

    Entering and ExitingBeginning Sunday, August 2 the Children’s Entrance (Entrance B) will be open. The flow pattern for the preschool and children’s halls will be to always remain on the right side of the hall, in the direction you are moving. We also ask that people not cross paths as they enter and exit. Parents are also encouraged to drop off and pick up quickly, without lingering to visit with others. Fellowship time is encouraged after you exit the building. (All) 

    Children attending 3rd floor classrooms should enter from the double glass doors near the elevator. (Children)

     Check-in: A volunteer will be available to check in all preschoolers at the computer station. We ask that parents and “little ones” refrain from touching the computer or keyboard. (Preschool)

    Diaper BagsParents are asked to leave diaper bags in their cars to limit potential exposure points. 1 or 2 diapers along with a change of clothes may be brought inside a plastic Ziploc bag. Please make sure the bag is labeled with your child’s name on the outside. (Preschool)

     Masks: Preschool and Children’s teachers and students will not be required to wear masks. In Mayor Cooper’s Order 8 Section 2 (k) regarding face masks, he includes an exception for churches. (All)

     Hygiene: The hands of children and volunteers will be cleaned when starting and ending class and periodically as required. (All)

    CleaningOur team is cleaning surfaces before and after each service. Toys that have been put in a child’s mouth will immediately be placed in bleach water to disinfect. (All)

    Toys: Classroom toys will be streamlined and limited in number in order to be able to easily clean and sanitize. (Preschool)

    SnacksPaper cups and paper towels will be provided for each child to keep their snacks on and apart from surfaces. Anyone handling food will follow proper hygiene procedures before serving snacks to preschoolers. (Preschool)