Activity Changes for January 2021

    12.23.20 | News

    Due to the extremely high number of Covid cases and the likelihood that the numbers will grow even higher after Christmas, we were asked by the Executive Director of the Tennessee Baptist Convention to move all of our services and classes online for the next 30 day.

     After discussing the request with the leadership, we believe moving everything to online is not the best decision for the church, so we will continue to meet for Worship and Sunday School on Sunday mornings; however, almost everything else will be canceled or moved online for the month of January. If we need to extend this date or if changes necessitate additional actions, we’ll keep you updates.

    We do want to encourage you to do the four-week study, Fresh Encounter on your own. You can pick up a Fresh Encounter book this Sunday or next Sunday in the Welcome Center. Brother Estriberto Britton will lead a 5 to 10 minute video overview each week on Facebook. He will also be available to answer questions vie email or phone call. We’ll send you information on how and when to access the video. 

    Thanks for your understanding and flexibility,

    Pastor Gerald